Testimonials – Childrens

Teddys Bears Picnic

Hi, ᅠI would just like to say thank you to James and Stella and all others who helped with the creation of both cakes for Samaras 1st birthday. It looked amazing both times and tasted fantastic! Thanks again for another brilliant cake!ᅠRegards, Marta.

Minnie Mouse Cake

Thanks once again for the gorgeous minnie mouse birthday cake you made for my daughters birthday! So loved it. Good work.

Frills and Buttons

Thank you for sharing your lovely cake photo with us and your kind words.

Mickey Mouse Playhouse

Dear James, Carolyn and all the staff at Heidelberg, A huge thank you for the amazing Mickey Mouse clubhouse cake and cupcake. It tasted as good as it looked and everyone commented on how amazing it looked. The gluten free cupcakes were equally as good.ᅠThank you for yet another superb cake and for being part of Mia’s 2nd birthday. We look forward to planning her next cake with you next year!!!ᅠKind regards, ᅠKat, Dave and Mia.

Dragon Flies

Thank you for making an awesome cake for Isabel’s 7th birthday.

Knights Cake


Hi Carolyn, It’s amazing how quickly birthday parties come around again. This is Ethan’s knights cake from 2009. Thanks for all your wonderful work over the years and we’re looking forward to this years too! Anke.

Fire Truck


Dear all, I just wanted to thank you for the amazing Fireman themed birthday cake you made for our son’s 4th birthday party. Our son is currently into all things ‘fireman’ and he wanted a ‘fireman’ cake. He was so thrilled to see it. We were all so impressed with what you created – and of course it tasted delicious. I have attached a photo of it. Kind regards, Dimitra.

Monkey Business!


Dear James and Carolyn, Thank you so much for Oscar’s wonderful 1st birthday cake! Not only did it look amazing the taste was beautiful. All the family are still talking about it a week later!!! I will also upload to your page on Facebook. Thanks again.

Moshi Monster

A BIG thank you to the team at Heidelberg Cakes for my daughter’s Moshi Monster birthday cake. Everyone LOVED it!!! You always amazes & impress us with your great magic!!!

Racing Cars


Thank you Hiedelberg Cakes for creating two stunning birthday cakes for Adem and Ben’s 4th Birthday. They not only looked sensational, they tasted delicious. They were the showpieces of the dessert table!ᅠKind Regards,ᅠAmra.


To Carolyn Schmidt and all the wonderful staff at Heidelberg Cakes, Just want to say thank you so very much for the wonderful cake for my daughter Jennifer’s 1st Birthday. Delivered to Marryatville Hotel on Saturday 11th September. The plaque on the cake, the Waybuloo character called Lau Lau was absolutely perfect. Thank you so much for making a wonderful cake for the very special occasion of my daughter 1st birthday. The event was a success and we received so many compliments about the design of the cake, and the delicious taste of the baci flavour. Again, thank you so much. We will continue to use Heidelberg Cakes in future (we have already used heidelberg cakes a number of times in the past). Sophieᅠ & family. Thanks Sophie.

Chocolate Cake Yum!

Hi Carolyn. I thought you might want a picture of Tommy’s birthday cake for your photo books. It was delicious and looked fantastic. As you can see, Tommy thoroughly enjoyed it as well! Thanks again, Kelly.ᅠᅠᅠ

Minnie Mouse

Hi James. Just a few photos of Erin’s cake, thank you so much again, it was fantastic. Can’t wait to eat some of Connor’s christening cake now, yummy. Thank you. We LOVE getting photos to put up on our site.ᅠIt really makes our day.ᅠWhat a cutie!!

Hello Kitty

Hi James & Carolyn, I would like to thank you and your wonderful team at Heidelberg Cakes for the absolutely gorgeous cake (loved the decoration & colours) that you made for my daughter Erica’s B’day! – it received numerous compliments ヨ a true highlight of the party!!! Again, many thanks! With kind regards
Thank you so much for these lovely photos.ᅠ We love receiving photos and emails.ᅠ

Upsey Daisy

Hi Carolyn. Here is the best photo of the fabulous cake. Thanks so much again, it looked absolutely fantastic!!! Charlotte was a very lucky girl. She went off to Childcare today in a new Upsy daisy outfit they she is very proud of. See you soon, and thanks again

3rd Birthday Cake

To Heidelberg Cakes, Thank you so much for our son’s 3rd birthday cake! He was thrilled ᅠwith the red guitar “Wiggles” theme cake and has been talking about ᅠit every day for the last 2 weeks.ᅠKind regards,ᅠDeborahᅠand Mark.



Hi, just wanted to let you know my daughters cake was great, very happy how it all turned out. That was for Chelsea, theᅠdora fairy cake. Thanks very much.ᅠKind regards,ᅠGiovanna. I still have some cake left over, looking forward to having a cuppa tonight and having another piece. So good.

Jack’s Cakes

This lovely customer has kindly send me these pictures.ᅠWe are now up to the 3rd birthday cake for Jack. This year its going to be the Midnight Garden Theme. It’s so wonderful that some customers really appreciate our cakes and our skills. Thank you.

Temple of Doom Birthday Cake


Hi!ᅠI have just been in to order Ethan’s birthday cake and have realised I haven’t sent you photos of his very impressive Temple of Doom cake or Oliver’s train cake. So I have attached a couple of photos. Thanks for making two little boys very happy and we are looking forward to the knights cake. Best wishes, Anke.

Train & Tunnel 4th Birthday Cake


Hi!ᅠI have just been in to order Ethan’s birthday cake and have realised I haven’t sent you photos of his very impressive Temple of Doom cake or Oliver’s train cake. So I have attached a couple of photos. Thanks for making two little boys very happy and we are looking forward to the knights cake. Best wishes, Anke.

Zara’s Cup Cake 1st Birthday


As promised attached are a few photos of the cupcakes you made for my daughter Zaraメs birthday on Saturday. They were the best cupcakes I have ever tasted and all the guests made similar comments!ᅠThanks again,ᅠKaren.

Scooby Doo 4th Birthday Cake

Savelsberg & Williams family

Hi Heidelberg Cakes. Another successful cake made by you for our family. Everyone has a piece of cake for dessert no matter how full they are because they are so delicious. As you can see, the dark photo makes the cake look quite spooky fitting in with the ghosts on it. Even the spiders were enjoyed as Etta’s photo shows you. Thanks again from the Savelsberg and Williams family. ᅠ

Laura’s Birthday Cake

Savelsberg & Williams family

Photos of our Laura and her cake which was just stunning. The whole family loved it and we feel you have excelled yourselves this time with this cake. A selection of photos so you can choose one for your book. Many thanks from the Savelsberg and Williams families.

Variety of Family’s Children’s Cakes


Evening Carolyn & James. Here are some photos I have come across that you are welcome to use if you find any useful ones. They always receive rave reviews & of course we always direct new potential clients to you. You should give out a handful of business cards with each cake for when the many people each day see your lovely creations. Talk to you soon, Leah.

Princess Birthday Cake


To all the staff at Heidelberg Cakes, I would just like to let you know the Disney Princess cake was a hit. Words cannot express how happy I was with the effort put into the cake. It looked elegant, beautiful and tasted like no other cake I have had before. Lots of compliments. Once again, thank you for your time and effort, wouldn’t go anywhere else. See you soon for the next party. Yours Sincerely, Ana.

Hollywood Red Carpet

Hi Carolyn and James, Here’s a great pic of Lay’s cake from last weekend for your website. Thanks again, it was amazing. Cheers, Alecia Ellis, Event Assistant.

Jungle Birthday Cake


Thanks a million again, those beautiful cakes really make the day even more special! Kindest regards, Karyn.

Mermaid Cake


Hello again! Here are some photos from Taalia’s birthday (in March) and that gorgeous Mermaid cake (like everyone said at Mika’s party ヨ it’s hard to believe every cake is better than the last!!) I also thought I’d show you a photo of the decorations that she had up ヨ you did such a beautiful job matching her cake ヨ thank you! Feel free to use (or not use!) the photos! Have a great day & until the next birthday. Kindest regards, Karyn.

Curious George

Chris and Jo

Hi. You guys made a ‘Curious George’ cake for us last week for our son’s 3rd birthday, done from a picture. It looked fabulous and tasted sensational. Our son Jeremy took great delight in eating the chocolate ‘George’ and all his little friends clamoured to get a chocolate balloon or banana. Thanks again, it was perfect! Kind regards, Chris and Jo.


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