Ordering online is the easiest. We have a fantastic range of styles, you can choose how many serves you require and you don’t even have to leave your home!

If you can’t find the cake you are after on our website, we can design a cake for you. Please email us or make an appointment to come in to the shop with as much information that you can get together including colour swatches, invites, and any photos of cakes that you come across and liked. 

Wedding cakes should be ordered at least 3-6 months in advance and other celebrations should allow 2 weeks’ notice (especially during Bridal Season September – March).  We require a minimum of 7 days notice for all orders. We have a small selection of our standard cakes available in our display fridge for short notice, please give us a call and we will let you know what we can do for you.  

Yes we have a wide range of candles available in store, and candles can be added to online orders. *Substitutions may be made if candle selection unavailable

We absolutely recommend using your own florist.  Most online orders pictured with flowers require the customer to provide the flowers. We require flowers to be delivered the day before in a bunch with no arranging. We will then put them in water and refrigerate them until needed. We will do the arranging before the cake is delivered or picked up. We can purchase fresh flowers upon request, prices vary according to quantity and type.

We certainly do. Foam cakes are great for celebrations that have dessert included,  and customers who want a more elaborate cake to be kept out on display, or customers who want a fresh cream sponge cake for dessert but an iced cake for display.

We have an experienced team and prioritise completing pre-ordered cakes at all times. If you have pre-ordered a cake, we will do everything we can to fulfil your order. In the midst of COVID-19 we are continuing to make our full range of celebration cakes, but recommend booking in early. We require a minimum of 7 days’ notice for all orders.

Custom cake quotes are not considered confirmed until a deposit is received.  

Custom cakes require at least 7 days’ notice, more notice may be required during the wedding season.

A quote is valid for 60 days, and is not a booking or guarantee of an order.

We require a 30% deposit to book in a cake.

The deposit or $50 (whichever is the lesser amount) is non-refundable, as is the Stripe online processing fee.

We require a minimum of 7 days’ notice to cancel an order. The non-refundable deposit is applicable to all cakes, regardless of how much notice is given.

If any custom decorations have been ordered from our suppliers or made by our decorators, you will be required to pay for these. And this amount will be subtracted from the $50 non-refundable amount.

If given enough notice, we are happy to postpone your cake order and transfer all monies paid to the new date (minus the cost of any custom decorations already made or ordered).

Heidelberg Cakes reserves the right to cancel, at any time before delivery and for whatever reason, an Order that it has previously accepted. Heidelberg Cakes may do this for example, but without limitation, where: 

a) Heidelberg Cakes’s suppliers are unable to supply goods that they have previously promised to supply;

b) an event beyond Heidelberg Cakes’ control, such as storm, fire, flood, earthquake, terrorism, power failure, war, strike or failure of computer systems, means that Heidelberg Cakes is unable to supply the goods within a reasonable time;

c) Goods ordered were subject to an error on the website or in-store, for example, in relation to a description, price or image, which was not discovered prior to the Order being accepted.

All orders are subject to these Terms and Conditions.


Any flavour changes must be 7 days in advance for celebration cakes, and 2 weeks in advance for wedding cakes.

Minor design changes will be accepted up to 2 weeks prior to your event. 

Should the design change, we reserve the right to amend your costings accordingly, to reflect the changes required.

Whilst all care is taken to complete your cake as specified, factors including but not limited to weather and supply availability may result in design changes made at the discretion of the head decorator.

3D cakes are like buying a sculpture but it is made out of a cake so actually a lot harder to do. These cakes can only be made by our most senior decorators and can take up to 3 full 10-12 hour days to shape and decorate it after the cake has already been baked and filled. 

No. Our decorations are handmade by our talented staff to order, only for our pre-ordered cakes. We have a selection of themed candles in store available for purchase.

Our standard cake tier height is approximately 10cm.

We extend heights be adding more cake and filling layers, or by stacking an extra cake on top.

Extended heights:

1  1/4 = 12.5cm height

1  1/2 = 15cm height

x 2 = 20cm height (Double stacked, 2 cakes with internal supports)

Unfortunately, we cannot use fresh cream filling for extended height cakes – we keep the flavour but create a more stable cake with whipped white chocolate ganache filling.

Sunday/ Monday –     Closed

Tuesday         9am-4pm

Wednesday   9am-4pm

Thursday      9am-4pm

Friday*            9am-4pm

*No quotes or orders on Fridays. Collections only

Saturdays – 9am-12.00pm 

Cake collections from 11am Tuesday.

Order online at anytime



Cake consultation appointments are now required:

Tuesday – Thursday 11am-3pm.

Saturday 9am-12pm

*Bookings may be available outside these times, please ask our friendly staff.

Filled sponge and mud cake samples available from Wednesday – Saturday  

(Dairy Free Cake Samples available on request with 7 days’ notice)

There is a full process that starts on Tuesday with processing all orders. It is very difficult to make changes once a cake is in production. Custom orders cannot be accepted after Tuesday for that week.

All cake designs are subject to the artistic licence of our senior cake decorators.



We do not deliver on Sundays, if delivery is required an additional $165 will be added to the standard delivery cost, based on destination.

We recommend asking the reception place to take delivery of your cake the on Saturday.

For an extra charge we can deliver your cake in one of our refrigerated vans with our own driver. We deliver as far as Victor Harbor to the Barossa. Prices vary and are based on location.

Yes, we offer tastings from Wednesday to Saturday. 

Yes all our flavours are Gluten Free, including our Croquembouches. We can also offer dairy free, with 7 days notice.

We can make gluten free and dairy free cakes with a minimum of 7 days’ notice. Dairy free cakes incur an additional cost.

We cannot make eggless cakes.

Flavours available: Vanilla, chocolate sponge or dark chocolate mud.  With dairy free buttercream filling/frosting. Raspberry or strawberry puree can be added.

We recommend Dairy Free cakes for kitchen cakes, as they will look very different to our standard range. Pre-designed cakes are not available in Dairy Free.

Heidelberg Cakes will not be responsible for any allergy related issues. 

We regularly use nuts, dairy and eggs in our bakery.

It is the customer’s responsibility to inform guests of any risks.

Your cake will be fully boxed and ready for the arranged time. It will need to be refrigerated ASAP. There are certain cakes that we will recommend to be delivered by us depending on the size, flavour, weather and the distance.

Cakes can be picked up any pre-arranged time

Between 11am-3:45pm Tuesday – Friday 

9am-12.00pm on Saturdays

We are closed from  Saturday after 12:30pm, Sunday and Monday.

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